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In what appears to be the first in a series of videos, judging by the number next to its title, a new Stormdivers dev diary video has been posted online with a peek behind the scenes of the studio's thought processes about the game and what its looking to bring to battle royale.

Nomads: Specialize in Heavy Automatic weapons (Auto-cannons + Heavy MG's) and are great at stripping parts off enemy vehicles but less effective at destroying the cabin. Big bastard mechs fighting each other: a simple idea not executed often enough in video games.

As with most games, the matchmaking is pretty awful and you'll often be put up against players with far better PS and equipment than yourself (typically as they have cashed like crazy, as per the majority of games nowadays), potentially resulting in a mass of losses which don't give you anything but a little experience.

While i am at it the in game economy in the (Taxed paced market) is horrible and easily messed with bye few players one group of people manage to drain a large player bases money in less then a week amassing 22 billion in game money an amount spread across 4 people and 7 accounts.

Each player's combat vehicle is only limited by the player's imagination and 2 mandatory parts that need to be integrated into each player's design: cabin and undercarriage (frame). As I said, this is much more grind-heavy than the original NBA Playgrounds.

For me, as someone who knows next to nothing about basketball, I still find this more arcadey-style of basketball video game to be more engaging and far less intimidating than the real 2K” (although I've found that I actually do like that series as well - check out my amateurish review of NBA 2K19).

For starters, you surely would have already noticed that the new Playgrounds is now also a part of the NBA 2K family, with its full title being NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. Just before its original launch, which was supposed to be summer 2018, Playgrounds 2 was delayed.

Just as there are card packs for clothes, there are card packs for players. The actual gameplay is quite unlike most free-to-play games in that it's not very competitive. The Power Score is an approximation of how dangerous your vehicle is and is Crossout used by the matchmaking system to decide who you will play with or against.

If you previously played Crossout or have a account, we recommend that you link your Steam and accounts when you first start the game through this is not done when you first start the game from Steam, then in the future you will not be able to link your accounts.

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 does feature a new selection of global courts, but that ‘world tour' from the original game is now completely gone. Players who just load down a vehicle with heavy armor and large caliber weapons would not be able to function in combat.

Trading options between players: every piece that you have gathered can be sold to other players. They are very handy for players who like to get up close and personal and can be used to ram enemies away from objectives. The improvements to the gameplay mechanics and visual elements do still help NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 to be a step-up over its predecessor.

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